Prof. Dr. Ulrich von Jeinsen Attorney in Hanover

Attorney for the victims of accidents
and their surviving dependents

Our law firm, active in the field of national and international economic law, has become one of Germany’s major independent law firms during the past few years. At present, our firm comprises 71 partners, and – including these partners – a total of 85 lawyers.

Ulrich von Jeinsen started to work for us as a lawyer in 1982, and has been a partner of our law firm since 1984. Since 1988 the focus of his work has been on aviation law cases, including the representation of victims of air crashes and of their surviving dependents. In the majority of crashes that have happened since then, with German citizens among the victims, Ulrich von Jeinsen represented the victims’ families to realize their claims for damages.

The crash of a Boeing 757 of Birgen Air in February 1996 off the coast of the Dominican Republic and the crash of an Air France Concorde in Paris in July 2000 were among the major cases in which Ulrich von Jeinsen attended to the victims’ claims.

"In the AF 447 tragedy of June 1st, 2009, Ulrich von Jeinsen represented all German and all Chinese families who have lost their loved ones on the occasion of such tragedy. After less than a two years' negotiation period with the attorneys being retained by Air France and its insurers, Ulrich von Jeinsen was able to conclude both an amicable and a favorable settlement for all German and Chinese families. For the Chinese families he was able to conclude a settlement on European compensation standards."

In addition to that, Prof. Dr. Ulrich von Jeinsen’s range of specialized legal work includes national and international law of damages. He represents the victims of major cases of medical malpractice, product liability and general liability. This also includes the representation of clients in courts and arbitration courts.